• April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) – Are We Aware Yet?

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Recent events and the media coverage's of them tell us that this month is just as important as ever.

  • Chaz Bono Visits Indiana University (and the Kinsey Institute!)

    Chaz Bono, LGBT activist, author, and former "Dancing With The Stars" contestant, visited Indiana University, and gave a talk on his life as a transgender man.

  • Don’t Forget About Race In LGBT Activism

    Guestblogger Lucas McKeever from the graduate School of Information Science at the University of Illinois blogs about silence and prejudice in social movements.

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 3: It’s Not Easy Being Non-Monogamous

    Dan Savage talks about promoting activism amongst readers of his column and listeners of his podcast. And, he explains his controversial views on monogamy.

  • Finally…A Sexual Assault Campaign I Can Get On Board With!

    A new approach to sexual assault prevention education may be a sign that times are changing.

  • Create a video on gay rights actions in your community

    A new initiative to draw attention to what's happening today in the gay rights movement

  • October: A Month Of Awareness, Activism And Justice

    October has been filled with anti-homophobia activism campaigns. The murder of Christopher Skinner is in need of attention - and justice.