What They’re Reading: Pat Lacy

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Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships


Photo: Jennifer Bass

Pat Lacy recommends "Read My Lips" by Debby Herbenick and Vanessa Shick

“I think it’s great when sex researchers are so down-to-earth in their writing style.  Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva demystifies all that’s known about the wonders of the female body, from pleasure to problems.   And it’s just a good read!”

Pat Lacy is Administrative Secretary at The Kinsey Institute.

You can read a more detailed review of Read My Lips by Caroline Hippler.

Jennifer Bass (M.P.H.)

is Director of Communications at The Kinsey Institute and founder of Kinsey Institute Sexuality Information Service for Students, now Kinsey Confidential.
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