What They’re Reading: Liana Hong Zhou

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Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships

Photo: Zhou

Liana Hong Zhou

Liana Hong Zhou, director of The Kinsey Institute Library and Archives, recommends reading Mary Nigro’s  self published A Celebration of Life:

“A friend has recently given me a wonderful personal gift–a book titled  A Celebration of Life  authored by Mary Nigro. It is a book of Mary’s life experiences which I find enlightening. Mary Nigro wove her stories of laughter, love, sadness, and abuse together in such a way that exhibited the strength of a woman and the power of perseverance, integrity and good humor. Everyone is the best author of his/her life story; Mary’s book was written as she was approaching eighty (and started using computer at that time) and she published this book at a young age of 82 . Through her stories, she showed us her way to live and savor a life.  I enjoyed reading it and learned a great deal from it about love and relationships.  Sometimes the experts on these topics are indeed ours or someone else’s grandmas!”

-Liana Zhou