What They Are Reading: Heather Bradshaw’s second choice

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Weekly feature on book recommendations by researchers and therapists in sex and sexual health.

Heather Bradshaw

Photo: Jenny Porter Tilley

Heather Bradshaw is reading "Bonk" by Mary Roach.

Heather Bradshaw just couldn’t choose between two recent reads when we asked her to recommend a book.  So, last week we featured her first pick “The Guide to Getting It On.”  This week, she tells us why she likes “Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex ” by Mary Roach.

“I admit to loving every book by Mary Roach and interestingly, I read this one after all the others (I mention this only in the context that I study reproduction..) and think she has done an incredible job of detailing much of the history (and tragedy?) of academic sex research in the past century.  With her classic comic/intellectual style, she hits so many of the hard (and soft…) spots of the field.  It is going to be required reading in my next Neuroscience human sexuality course.”

- Dr. Heather Bradshaw is Assistant Research Scientist at The Kinsey Institute, and Assistant Professor  of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Indiana University

Marie Metelnick (M.A.)

is Communications Assistant at the Kinsey Institute, where she combines her lifelong interests in language and sexuality.
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