What They’re Reading: Bianca Jarvis

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Book recommendations from experts in the fields of sexuality, gender, health, science and relationships.


Photo: Jennifer Bass

Bianca Jarvis recommends "Rye" by Sam Rosenthal

MPH student and Msbehaved.com editor Bianca Jarvis is reading “Rye” by Sam Rosenthal.

“Rye is billed by author Sam Rosenthal as ‘Erotica for the 21st century.’ The novel tackles a lot of themes that you won’t see elsewhere: genderqueer identities, polyamorous relationships, sex and parenting, and BD/SM explored in a much more realistic way than another popular series that shall remain unnamed. Although this novel features plenty of hot sex, the tender realism of the characters’ complex relationships are what stand out to me, along with little perks like an downloadable mix tape allegedly created by the novel’s namesake Rye for his lover Matt.

“Sam Rosenthal will be reading from Rye at Boxcar Books (408 E. 6th St., Bloomington, IN) on Sunday, April 7th 2013 from 5:30-6:30 (as well as other venues), so come check it out!”

Bianca Jarvis

Bianca Jarvis is an MPH student at Indiana University, and the executive editor at MsBehaved.com: "a sex-positive, body-positive, queer-friendly, gender-inclusive lifestyle site with a fierce femme sensibility." Her research interests include health disparities in gender-variant populations, body-diverse wellness, and sexual health and pleasure.
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