Never Too Old To Play With Toys: Adult Toys

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Life without toys is a bore but sex without toys is even more of a drab; a post about adding excitement.



Toys Just Want to Have Fun!

Versus Vodka?

  • Friend1: I never used any.
  • Friend2: Are you serious?
  • Friend3: (observantly looks at the drinks at the bar) Its the difference between beer and vodka. Want to hit the peak slow grab the beer! Want to get there fast you better grab the vodka.

This conversation was a reference to sex or masturbation without toys (beer) versus sex or masturbation with toys (vodka). I instantly thought the humorous conversation would be the perfect introduction to toys. No, I am not speaking of stuffed teddy bears, and crossword puzzles. I am speaking of the adult toys that can be much more fun than Connect Four ever was, although Connect Four was pretty awesome. After dodging several inappropriate sites, I finally found a few credible websites. Instead of bore you with my recap of the research, I would rather allow you to click the research on your own.  Let’s be honest, Friend3 said it all! icon smile Never Too Old To Play With Toys: Adult Toys

A few links to share:

  1. Pregnant Women can have Toys too: A Question and Answer to Kinsey Confidential  answered by Dr. Debby Herbenick. An anonymous woman scared to have sex due to pregnancy learns some of the benefits of adding toys to her sex life. To read, click here
  2. A Sex Blog Dishing About Age, Popularity, and Toys: A sex blog , You’re Never Too Old to Play with Toys by nzgirl, discusses the hottest sex toys, the absence of age limits, and an overview of how girls are winning.
  3. Which Toy is a Safe Toy: Another Q&A  to Kinsey Confidential answered by Dr. Debby Herbenick that explores the safety precautions of sex toys. To read more, click here.
  4. Fun Toys for the Boys: Aggreeing with a previous post from fellow Kinsey blogger, Natalie Ingraham, Early to Rise: Sex Toys for Smart Guys (and Everyone Else) from Bitch Blogs by Kelsey Wallace is a great site for guys interested in sex toys. 
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