Men May Actually Be Complicated? Who Knew!

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Researchers here at our very own Kinsey Institute have conducted a study concerning men's sexual desire and arousal.

It’s a very common misconception that “all men are the same.” We generally tend to think men can get an erection and have an orgasm a few minutes later with a little stimulation. Researchers here at our very own Kinsey Institute have conducted a study concerning men’s sexual desire and arousal. Erick Janssen, an author of the study, says that “one of the main conclusions of the focus group study is that, just like women, men are different. Sex researchers tend to focus a lot of differences between men and women, while not giving as much attention to the differences that exist among men, and women.

The study included focus groups of 50 men who “expressed a range of experiences and feelings relating to such matters as the relationship between erections and desire, the importance of scent and relationships, and a woman’s intelligence.”

The men reported having really varied sexual experiences. Most men, however, said that they can experience an erection without actually being sexually aroused. This fact is leaving the researchers to suggest that “erections are not good criteria for determining sexual arousal in men.” This is a huge discovery, at least in my opinion, because people commonly use an erection as a caliber for sexual arousal. The study also found that as men grow older, their focus tends to shift to the sexual enjoyment of their partner.

Read the news release from Indiana University.

Samantha Seeger

is a recent graduate of Indiana University with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies and a double minor in Psychology and Human Sexuality.
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