The G-Shot: A New Kind of Party

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A plastic surgeon in Los Angeles claims to have developed a type of surgery that enhances a woman's G-spot by using a collagen injection.

The G-spot has long been a source of controversy among sexuality experts. Several books have been written about the G-spot claiming the immense pleasure women can seek through it, while other sex experts seriously question its very existence.

A plastic surgeon in Los Angeles has developed a type of surgery that he claims enhances a woman’s G-spot. Known as the G-Shot, it is a collagen injection designed to swell up the G-spot, which is supposed to create more pleasure during sexual activity.

An injection of the G-Shot can last up to four months, so patients must keep coming back if they want to keep getting the results they’ve had. At $1,850 a pop, that can add up.

G-Shot Parties

According to Dr. David Matlock, creator of the G-Shot, women are flocking to him to have a “G-Shot Party”. It’s the same concept as a Botox Party, where women (and men) get together and receive Botox injections in their homes, except the G-Shot is in a doctors office - and its definitely more invasive.

Some sex experts out in the field are raising serious questions about this procedure. Kinsey’s own Dr. Debby Herbenick raises valid points about the need for a double blind study, and to what extent a placebo effect may be an issue.

Seems to me that this is another “quick fix” to sexuality. I’m not exactly sold on the idea.

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Read more about this controversial issue, including comments from Kinsey Institute’s Jennifer Bass, at ABC News and SFGate

Samantha Seeger

is a recent graduate of Indiana University with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies and a double minor in Psychology and Human Sexuality.
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