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Recent Posts in the Sexual Orientation Category:

  • Q&A: How Do I Know If I’m A Lesbian?

    Some basic information about sexual orientation and why being attracted to or fantasizing about the same sex doesn't mean you're gay or bisexual.

  • Same Sex Marriage News from Iowa

    After suffering recent set backs, specifically in California, LGBT advocates have some successes to show for their efforts.

  • How Is The Kinsey Scale Used In Regard To Sexual Orientation?

    The Kinsey Scale got a mention on a recent Oprah episode about sexual fluidity. Read more here about the scale and how it relates to sexual orientation.

  • Is There Such A Thing As “Gayface”?

    Samantha ponders a new study about sexual orientation and facial characteristics - is there such a thing as "gayface"?

  • A New (Queer) eHarmony Thanks To Lawsuit

    A new lawsuit opens up online dating site to individuals looking for same sex partners.

  • The Science Of Gaydar: Finger Length and More…

    We've all heard doubtful ways to determine whether a man is gay and I've normally scoffed at these ideas, but there might actually be research backing it up!

  • Q&A: Same Sex Fantasies And Sexual Orientation

    How do fantasy and sexual orientation relate to each other? Does having same sex fantasies mean that you are gay or bisexual?

  • Coming Out (Or Questioning Oneself) As Gay, Bisexual Or Lesbian

    Many young women and men question their sexual orientation at some point when they are teenagers or college-aged.

  • Portia And Ellen Get Married – Hallmark Has Cards For It!

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married in Los Angeles, and now, Hallmark has announced that they are carrying same-sex wedding cards.

  • Q&A: Am I Gay? Sexual Orientation Labels And Sexual Attraction

    Dr. Debby Herbenick answers a question about sexual orientation labels from a reader who is attracted to both men and women and wonders if this makes them gay.

  • Protests From Moscow LGBT Community Over Pride Celebration Ban

    The LGBT community of Moscow speaks out in a protest of a recent ban on gay pride events in Russia.

  • The Gray Areas Of Sexuality

    Edge, an outlet of information regarding GLBT issues, has an article about bisexuality that's pretty interesting and feature's Kinsey's scale on sexuality.

  • Q&A: Questioning My Sexual Orientation

    Dr. Debby answers a question from a female reader about her possible attraction to women and how to deal with a current male partner who is hinting at marriage.

  • Asexuality Is Possibly Another Sexual Orientation?

    Is asexuality another sexual orientation? Researchers from the Kinsey Institute explore asexuality in a new article published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

  • Q&A: Women And Pornography

    Q&A about pornography from a heterosexual female reader who wonders if looking at lesbian pornography is "normal."

  • Q&A: Losing An Erection and Sexual Orientation

    A male reader asks about losing his erection when having sex with his girlfriend and what this might mean for his sexual orientation