Sexual Assault

Kinsey Confidential has compiled all of our most frequently asked questions and general information about sexual assault on our Sexual Assault Resource Pages.

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    A new approach to sexual assault prevention education may be a sign that times are changing.

  • My Apologies For Not Finding The Humor In Chanting “No Means Yes”

    Men from Yale University marched through campus chanting: "No means yes and yes means anal." Did they think this act of hazing was a good idea?

  • Do Women Deserve To Be Objectified?

    The NY Jet’s harassment of a female reporter have some people saying that women invite harassment through their attire... others disagree

  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Hook up Drunk…Or Do They?

    Is hooking up a "risky behavior" that needs to be avoided? Findings from a recent study seem to imply friends shouldn't let their friends hook up drunk...

  • Men Who Engage In Domestic Violence Overestimate How Common It Is

    A new University of Washington-University of Houston study of men who engage in domestic violence finds that they overestimate how common domestic violence is.

  • 9 of 10 Campus Rapes Are Committed By Repeat Offenders [Updated]

    A new study, replicating the research of older surveys, finds that a small group of men account for the majority of rapes and sexual assaults - up to about 90%.

  • Q&A: Connection Between Sexual Abuse & Urge To Pee Before Sex?

    When women are touched on their clitoris or vagina, they sometimes feel as though they have to pee – even if they don’t.

  • The Vagina Monologues Around the United States

    Every year around Valentine's Day, college campuses across the United States put on productions of The Vagina Monologues.

  • Sexual Assault Prevention On Campus

    Though many students have heard about how alcohol or drugs can increase the chances of being assaulted, not everyone knows the steps to reduce the risk.

  • Q&A: Resources For Male Rape Victims

    Q&A about local Bloomington resources for male sexual assault victims.