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  • Orgasm: 400% More Satisfying With A Partner?

    What happens in your brain after intercourse, and how is it different from solo masturbation?

  • Q&A: Coregasms, Or Exercise-Induced Orgasms

    "Coregasms" can happen during a number of types of exercise, including crunches,spinning, chin-ups, yoga, running, flexed arm hang exercises, and more.

  • New Research Finds The G-Spot . . . So What?

    A new study located the G-spot and is getting lots of hype...but the findings should be taken in context.

  • How I became a…Sex Research Fellow

    Part of our "How I Became A . . ." series: Justin Garcia, a Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute, tells his story.

  • How I Became A . . . Sex Researcher

    Part of our "How I Became A . . ." series: The story of how one public health doctoral student, Nicole Smith, got into the field of sex research.

  • Q&A: How Do I Become A Sexologist?

    Depending on your interests, you can work as a sex or couples therapist, as a sexual health educator, a sex educator, advice columnist, or something else.

  • The Pros and Cons of Circumcision: Part 2

    New research from Denmark suggests that male circumcision affects sexual function--in men as well as in their female partners.

  • The Pros and Cons of Circumcision: Part 1

    Can male circumcision really reduce HIV transmission risk by 60% or more? And how can circumcision be used to battle the AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa?

  • How I Became A … Sociologist Of Sexualities

    Eric contributes to the "How I Became A" series in this discussion of his journey from activism to the academy, focusing on sexual identities.

  • Book review by Christiana von Hippel: Dirty Minds

    Monogamous prairie voles, cheeseburgers, and the body's largest sex organ await in Christiana von Hippel's review of Dirty Minds

  • Sex Research Considerations: Collecting Data From Couples

    Some sex research benefits from collecting data from couples rather than individuals. However, doing this takes some methodological considerations.

  • How Often Do We Think About Sex?…Results From A New Study

    Findings from a new study indicate that women and men tend to think about sex often, but perhaps not as much as old stereotypes would have us believe!

  • How I Became A . . . Sex and Relationships Researcher

    The story of one researcher's path into the elusive field of sex and relationships.

  • A Woman’s Orgasm Mapped Using fMRI

    One woman's orgasm is mapped out on an fMRI to help us understand how the brain functions during orgasm.

  • The Amazing Resources Of The Encyclopedia Of Sexuality

    Guest blogger Karolina Gontarczuk writes about sexuality resources and treasures in the Kinsey library and website

  • So, What Does It Mean To “Hook Up”?

    Across college campuses, more students are hooking up, a vaguely defined set of sexual practices that typically occur outside of dating or a relationship.