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  • So, What Does It Mean To “Hook Up”?

    Across college campuses, more students are hooking up, a vaguely defined set of sexual practices that typically occur outside of dating or a relationship.

  • Women’s Sexual Response: Mapped Out on the Brain

    An innovative new study examined women's sexual response by mapping it on the brain using fMRI technology.

  • New Insights Into Desire Discrepancy

    Recent study on sexual desire discrepancy provides valuable insights into desire within couples.

  • Q&A: How Can You Tell If You’re Asexual?

    Asexual individuals may either experience no sexual attraction, or else very low levels of sexual attraction when compared to most other people.

  • New Research: What Exactly IS Cybersex?

    New research on the area of online sexual activity is providing insights into the relationship and potentially positive outcomes of this common act.

  • Beyond The Yucks – The Value Of Sex Research

    Should we assume that we know everything there is to know about sex? Don't be so sure...

  • Attitudes Toward Bisexual Men and Women

    The Center for Sexual Health Promotion is recruiting participants for their new study examining attitudes toward bisexual men and women.

  • What’s The Deal With Rape Fantasies?

    Rape fantasies seem to be a social enigma...perhaps a little information and explanation can help deconstruct this controversial issue.

  • New Study: Predictors of Men’s Sexual Desire

    Men's sexual desire is often overlooked and wrongly assumed to be pervasive and ever-lasting. Researchers examined the predictors of men's sexual desire.

  • Vibrators, Buttplugs, and Dildos: Not Just for Women

    Sex toys, commonly thought of as an aid for women during masturbation, have been increasingly acknowledged as great toys for all!

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 5: Musical Theater

    Dan Savages talks about his love of musical theater and which role he would love to play on stage. And, which authors and blogs does he read?

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 4: I Used To Hate Straight People

    Dan Savage talks about how his ideas on sexuality and relationships have evolved over the past 20 years of writing the Savage Love column.

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 3: It’s Not Easy Being Non-Monogamous

    Dan Savage talks about promoting activism amongst readers of his column and listeners of his podcast. And, he explains his controversial views on monogamy.

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 3: For The Podcast

    We want to make sure all the Kinsey Confidential podcast subscribers received Part 3 of the Dan Savage interview. This should do the trick!

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 2: It Gets Better Project

    In part two of a five-part series, Dan Savage talks about his It Gets Better Project and the culture of bullying in grade schools and high schools.

  • Dan Savage Interview, Part 1: For The Podcast

    We want to make sure all the Kinsey Confidential podcast subscribers received Part 1 of the Dan Savage interview. This should do the trick!