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  • UNESCO’s Sex Ed Guidelines: Controversial But Necessary Updates

    A new draft of a United Nations sexuality education guidelines has riled some conservatives who find the comprehensive sexuality plan outlined controversial.

  • WHO Approves Cervarix, New Cervical Cancer Vaccine

    The World Health Organization approved a cervical cancer vaccine, a cheaper alternative to Gardasil, for use in developing countries.

  • Q&A: HPV And Genital Warts: Are They Contagious?

    HPV is extremely common and, although most sexually active women and men have been exposed to HPV, not everyone who has HPV knows that they have it.

  • AIDS Walk New York & The KI: The Crisis Of Positive Change

    Kinsey Confidential welcomes Amanda Millis, guest blogger from AIDS Walk NY, who discusses why the AIDS epidemic is still a crisis.

  • Dine Out for Life – HIV/AIDS Fundraiser

    Want to do something easy to help fight HIV/AIDS? Dine out for life! An easy HIV/AIDS fundraiser that is going on across the country this week.

  • Q&A: Differences Between HPV And HIV

    The fact that the acronyms HPV and HIV sound similar to each other is confusing for many people, but they are not the same.

  • All About The Hair – PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) In The UK

    A new report from the UK health organization focuses on the rise of PCOS and its signs and symptoms, including infertility and excess body hair.

  • Two Cases Of Criminal HIV Infection

    Two recent legal cases around knowingly transmitting HIV to another person have hit the news. But does prosecution for this action make sense?

  • Sex. Really. (PSA Video – Our Review)

    Kinsey Confidential staffers review a series of sexual health promotion videos put out by Sex.Really, a new production company.

  • Female Safer Sex Pack From The (UK) Lesbian & Gay Foundation

    The UK organization The Lesbian and Gay Foundation recently announced the creation of a Female Safer Sex Pack for bisexual and lesbian women.

  • Male Circumcision & STI Prevention: A Link?

    More and more attention is focusing on the possibility of male circumcision as a risk reduction tool for HIV/AIDS but the research so far is inconclusive.

  • STD Awareness Month Campaign For April

    April is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness Month. Find out more info about how to protect yourself from STDs from a variety of trusted sources.

  • The Sexies: Silly Name, Serious Awards

    Natalie introduces a new kind of journalism award - The Sexies - given to journalists who write intelligently and fairly about issues around sexuality.

  • Q&A: Gonorrhea Or Chlamydia From A Soda Cup?

    A podcast busts some myths about gonorrhea and chlamydia. Unfortunately for the reader, this includes her boyfriend's story that he got it from a soda cup.

  • University Sex Column Under Attack (Not Ours, Don’t Worry)

    A Montana university's sex column is under attack from other university faculty who think the column is inappropriate for the school newspaper

  • Sexual Literacy… What Is That?

    Sexual literacy, a key component of a healthy sex life, is about knowing how to stay safe, how to have pleasure, and how sexuality influences your daily life.