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  • What Will The “Next Generation” Condom Look Like?

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has challenged students, scientists and entrepreneurs to design the "Next Generation Condom."

  • Mannequins: Foreshadowing The Return Of The Retro Bush?

    In preparation for Valentine's Day, American Apparel debuted lingerie-wearing mannequins with pubic hair. Is this a new era in female pubic hair grooming?

  • Frequent Porn Use: “Addiction” Label Inaccurate

    Frequent use of visual sexual stimuli (or "porn") may be problematic, and lead people to seek treatment. Yet, research does not support the "addiction" model.

  • The Safety Dance: Sex Toy Safety for a New Generation

    What on earth are sex toys made of, and are they body safe? Burke Denning writes about the science of sex toy health and safety.

  • Great Sexpectations: The Power Of Mindful Sex

    Mindfulness practices can relieve stress in everyday life, as well as enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy.

  • Can Sex Make You Sick, Or Keep You Healthy?

    The Women, Immunity and Sexual Health (WISH) study, led by Dr. Tierney Lorenz at the Kinsey Institute, is examining the link between sex and immune function.

  • Understanding The Mysteries Of Female Ejaculation

    Female ejaculation is an aspect of women's sexual health that is often shrouded in mystery. A recent analysis of existing research offers new insight.

  • Teen Prank? An Unlikely Explanation

    Recent research is questioning the drastic change in sexual orientation among adolescents . . . and media headlines go wild.

  • Are You Part Of The “Pull Out Generation?”

    Withdrawal may be the right form of birth control for you. Do you know the pros and cons and have a trusted partner?

  • Thinking about seeing a movie?

    Attention is being drawn to women in movies, or rather, the lack thereof. Check out the Bechdel Test and New York Film Academy chart of women in Hollywood.

  • Oral Contraceptives: A Problematic Necessity For Many

    Research seeks to understand why some women have negative experiences with oral contraceptives, but others do not.

  • Who Are The Real “Masters Of Sex”?

    Who are the Masters of Sex? I'll give you a hint: it has to do with women's orgasms...

  • Answers to Questions about Hooking up and Consent

    See my responses to some of the questions that came up during my talk at Indiana University's Sex Ed: A Real Conversation about Sexual Hook-ups in College event

  • Relationships & Sex on Screen: “Don Jon” (2013)

    Don Jon is a film that explores how everything from Internet porn to religious ritual can keep us unwittingly disconnected from genuine relationships.

  • Cross-Cultural Relationships: Sex and Dating Abroad

    When preparing for your study abroad, you have everything ready; what you may not be able to prepare for is how your love life could change

  • Time Again For A Pap Smear- Or Is It?

    New guidelines call for a reduction of how often you get a pap smear. If you have had one in the past three years, you might not need one!