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  • Female Condoms – Has Their Time Come?

    Approved by the FDA in 1993, the female condom has never really been promoted. Will it catch on as a safer sex alternative for US women?

  • Survey Reveals Major Gaps In Young Adults’ Knowledge On Safe Sex

    A recent study of 18- to 29-year old unmarried adults reveals startling gaps in young adults' knowledge about safe-sex practices and pregnancy.

  • Condom News: Vegan, Pillows & Cuteness (Kawaii)

    Another condom update from Natalie, but this time the focus is more on fun and function rather than science or condom restriction.

  • Withdrawal As Contraception: What We Know

    What? Withdrawal? It's not just your grandmother's favorite method of birth control

  • Another (Gender) Role Reversal In Contraception

    Another blog about new birth control techniques - this time, a new outpatient sterilization procedure for women being called a "female vasectomy."

  • Is A Birth Control Pill For Men A Possibility?

    New research is exploring the possibility of a birth control pill for men that would lower sperm counts through the use of genetic therapies.

  • Q&A: Lambskin Condoms Vs. Latex Condoms

    Lambskin vs. latex in the great condom debate - this Kinsey Confidential explains why latex is better for sexual health and other options available.

  • The Pope, Africa, And Condom Controversy

    The Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI made headlines this week by denouncing condoms as a way to prevent HIV/AIDS while on his first visit to Africa.

  • FDA Approves New Nitrile Female Condoms

    The FDA approved a new version of the female condom this week made of nitrile. Hopefully, this will mean a step forward for sexual health for women worldwide.

  • Condoms Can Be Cute! Durex Advertisement.

    Another humorous take on condom use and sexual health - this time from Durex; a new video featuring hilarious condom (balloon-like) animal sex.

  • Q&A: Birth Control Pill Effectiveness: How Long Does It Take?

    A female reader asks how long it takes for birth control pills to become effective and how to decrease her risk of pregnancy.

  • Q&A: The Morning After Pill & Frequent Emergency Contraception Use

    A podcast addressing frequent use of emergency contraception or the morning after pill and why a consistent birth control plan is a better policy.

  • Q&A: Birth Control Effectiveness And Unprotected Sex

    Information about birth control and steps to take when considering stopping condom use with a partner after both test STI-free.

  • Q&A: Birth Control And Sexual Health Resources

    Q&A about preparing to have sex for the first time and how to determine the best forms of birth control for you.

  • What Are The Best Condoms To Use Or The Safest?

    Ever wonder what type of condom is the best or safest to use? Dr. Debby Herbenick weighs in with her thoughts.

  • Correct Condom Usage

    Male condoms sometimes get a bad reputation for breaking easily, which may or may not be warranted. Condoms are broken easiest when they are used improperly.