Bianca Jarvis Reviews “Journal Of An Intelsexual”

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"Journals of an Intelsexual" follows blogger Forbidden Light's journey of self discovery through polymorphous perversity.

Journals of an Intelsexual

Photo: Jennifer Bass

Bianca Jarvis recommends Forbidden Light's "Journals of an Intelsexual."

The back cover of Forbidden Light’s erotic memoir Journals of an Intelsexual features testimonials from someone called “Gay Demon” and “One dissatisfied suitor,” who proclaims “Forbidden Light is a monster! He is the worst person I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting!” That’s how you know you’re in for an interesting read.

Based on his blog of the same name, “Journals of an Intelsexual” is a veritable encyclopedia of polymorphous perversity. The book begins with dark reflections on his religious upbringing (“how do you thank God for being molested?”) and follows with a taxonomy of kink: personal essays on fetishes ranging from gokkun (drinking semen from a glass) to katoptronophilia (sexual arousal from mirrors), followed by erotica based on his adventures with male and female lovers, and himself.

This is a very dirty book that gives the reader the thrill of vicarious voyeurism as Forbidden Light discovers himself through sex. The book is simultaneously arousing, intellectual, and funny (on pornstars: “Awww, he’s a sweetheart, just look at how he takes dick!”) Fans of literate erotica ala Anais Nin and William S. Burroughs will enjoy this hidden gem of smart and sexy weirdness.

Bianca Jarvis

Bianca Jarvis is an MPH student at Indiana University, and the executive editor at "a sex-positive, body-positive, queer-friendly, gender-inclusive lifestyle site with a fierce femme sensibility." Her research interests include health disparities in gender-variant populations, body-diverse wellness, and sexual health and pleasure.
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