Samantha Seeger

Samantha Seeger

is a recent graduate of Indiana University with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies and a double minor in Psychology and Human Sexuality.

Recent Posts by Samantha:

  • Vacations Lead to More Sex?

    Newsweek recently spoke with Kinsey Institute Researcher Erick Jannsen to uncover reasons why vacations may lead to more sex

  • Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome: 200 Orgasms a Day???

    Dr. Sandra Leiblum has done some research on PSAS, or Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome. Some women with this condition can have up to 200 orgasms a day.

  • When Does Pregnancy Begin?

    When does pregnancy begin? Many people have lots of different opinions, but Planned Parenthood has a cool flash animation about it.

  • Quality Research Paper For Sale

    The reason as to why research paper for sale that you might buy from our company is quality depends on the instructions that you provide us.

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections in Senior Citizens

    The rate of STIs in senior citizens has more than doubled in the past 10 years, a recent study provides some insight as to why

  • Spray-On Condoms: A Good Idea in Theory…

  • The G-Shot: A New Kind of Party

    A plastic surgeon in Los Angeles claims to have developed a type of surgery that enhances a woman's G-spot by using a collagen injection.

  • Free Sex Changes Now Available in Cuba!

    Cuban officials announced earlier this month that free sex-change surgery is now available to citizens.

  • Protests From Moscow LGBT Community Over Pride Celebration Ban

    The LGBT community of Moscow speaks out in a protest of a recent ban on gay pride events in Russia.

  • Colbert Takes An Inside Look At Affairs & Monogamy

    The Kinsey Institute was featured on a Colbert Report piece on men's affairs - are humans really designed to be monogamous?

  • Penis Museum Opens In Iceland; No Human Exhibits Yet, Though

    A new museum in Iceland features penises of over ninety different animals, but hasn't expanded to human donors just yet.

  • Evidence That Brains Are Sexy, Too…

    It's a tale as old as time: a man wants a shallow, beautiful, "easy" woman instead of a nice, respectful woman with brains. Right?

  • Spencer Tunick Does It Again: Nude Photography Around The World

    Spencer Tunick is an artist who works all over the world creating installations, which consist of a large number of people posing in the nude in public places.

  • Lucian Freud: A Naked World Record

    British artist Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund Freud) has just sold one of his paintings for over $33 million dollars! Holy cow, that's a lot of money!

  • Correct Condom Usage

    Male condoms sometimes get a bad reputation for breaking easily, which may or may not be warranted. Condoms are broken easiest when they are used improperly.

  • STD Fun! WebMD’s New Quiz Tests STD Knowledge

    Everyone knows how to play "Name that Tune", but WebMD has a wonderful variation which lets you name that STD!