Samantha Seeger

Samantha Seeger

is a recent graduate of Indiana University with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies and a double minor in Psychology and Human Sexuality.

Recent Posts by Samantha:

  • World Literature Essay | Custom writing Service

    How to write Literature Essay, Write My Essay, custom essay writing company, Literature term paper

  • Same Sex Marriage News from Iowa

    After suffering recent set backs, specifically in California, LGBT advocates have some successes to show for their efforts.

  • Is There Such A Thing As “Gayface”?

    Samantha ponders a new study about sexual orientation and facial characteristics - is there such a thing as "gayface"?

  • Condoms Can Be Cute! Durex Advertisement.

    Another humorous take on condom use and sexual health - this time from Durex; a new video featuring hilarious condom (balloon-like) animal sex.

  • Sex Education from the 1960′s – YouTube Humor

    Samantha is a huge fan of the 1960's and an even bigger fan of sex education, so when she found a video that combined the two, she was really excited.

  • Psychology Today Cartoon About Sexual Orientation

    There has been a lot of research done on sexual orientation, and today blogger Samantha discovered a great cartoon that explains most of it.

  • The Vagina Monologues Around the United States

    Every year around Valentine's Day, college campuses across the United States put on productions of The Vagina Monologues.

  • Correct Condom Use Video

    We hear about condoms frequently breaking or not working properly, but this is largely due to some people just not knowing how to correctly use them.

  • Talk to Your Partners! This Website Can Help.

    Ever wish you had a access to some new ways to communicate with your partner? Look no further!

  • Womens’ Monthly Cycles Related to Male Facial Preferences?

  • The Science Of Gaydar: Finger Length and More…

    We've all heard doubtful ways to determine whether a man is gay and I've normally scoffed at these ideas, but there might actually be research backing it up!

  • International Encyclopedia of Sexuality!

    The Kinsey Institute has a great informative encyclopedia of international sexuality, called the Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality.

  • Judy Norsigian Interview on WFIU

    Judy Norsigian (co-author of Our Bodies, Ourselves and founder of the Boston Women's Health Book Collective) recently did an interview with WFIU Public Radio

  • Sex at Work: 1 in 5 Brits!

    A new British poll, conducted by the Guardian newspaper, revealed that 1 in 5 British workers have had sex at work!

  • You Can Tell by the Way I Use My Walk…

    A new study has been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, claiming that a woman's sexual history can be related to the way she walks.

  • Defining Masculinity: New Research

    A new study has been published that explores the link between male masculinity and sexuality, particularly in regard to erectile dysfunction.