Natalie Ingraham (M.P.H.)

Natalie Ingraham (M.P.H.)

is a recent graduate of Indiana University and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology at University of California San Francisco.

Recent Posts by Natalie:

  • Sexology: The Academic Path To Sex Expertise

    Natalie explores the academic path to sexual expertise - graduate school, sexuality classes, and careers in sexology.

  • Can Sex And Religion Mix? A New Report Says They Should

    A recent report from the Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing deals with how sex and religion should interact and why.

  • Your Cervix And You – The Websites

    Natalie highlights a couple of websites that featuring interesting and informative content about the cervix.

  • Kinsey Is #1 According To Playboy Magazine

    Playboy highlights the 50 most influential people in sex from the last 50 years - Alfred Kinsey is number 1! Natalie discusses other notables who made the list.

  • Silly Sex Laws: The Texas Dildo Wars

    Natalie shares a clip from a great documentary about the Texas Dildo Wars and archaic laws around sexuality that deserve a second look.

  • Looking Back At Sexuality Research To Find Its Future

    A new issue of the Journal of Bisexuality celebrates the 60th anniversary of the first Kinsey Report with an interview with Dr. Paul Gebhard.

  • Dr. Marty Klein And America’s War On Sex

    Dr. Marty Klein lectured at Indiana University last fall on the “War on Sex” in America and outlined the ways in which our country attacks sexuality.

  • Healthy New Years Resolutions: Better Sexual Health

    Blogger Natalie explores what you some New Year's Resolutions you can make to improve your sexual health.

  • “Post-Abortion Syndrome” – Do Abortion And Depression Go Together?

    A new study suggests that abortion does not cause psychological distress, called "post-abortion syndrome" by some in the pro-life community.

  • A New (Queer) eHarmony Thanks To Lawsuit

    A new lawsuit opens up online dating site to individuals looking for same sex partners.

  • No More Happy Endings For Craigslist?

    It was recently announced that Craigslist, that oh-so-familiar site of cheap stuff and missed connections, will start charging to place "erotic services" ads.