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Guest Blogger

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  • Creating A Culture Of Care: Looking At Hooking Up And Consent

    "Hooking up" in itself isn't always problematic, but the accompanied lack of consent and sexual communication can be.

  • The Value of Kinsey: Transforming Sex Research In The 20th Century

    Alfred Kinsey's research helped dismantle sterotypes about sexual orientation and what is "normal."

  • WTR: Landon Schnabel Reviews Luker’s “When Sex Goes To School”

    Ph.D. student Landon Schnabel reviews Kristin Luker's book on the sociology of sex education.

  • Study Shows HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Lead To Promiscuity

    Parents and clinicians alike have expressed fears that the HPV vaccine may lead teens to engage in risky behavior. A new study shows this is not the case.

  • Can Sex Make You Sick, Or Keep You Healthy?

    The Women, Immunity and Sexual Health (WISH) study, led by Dr. Tierney Lorenz at the Kinsey Institute, is examining the link between sex and immune function.