Dr. Debby Herbenick (M.P.H., Ph.D.)

Dr. Debby Herbenick (M.P.H., Ph.D.)

is a sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute, Associate Director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University and author of several books including Sex Made Easy and Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction.

Recent Posts by Dr. Debby:

  • Q&A: Should I Have Anal Sex Without A Condom?

    If you want to have anal sex without a condom, the most important thing is for you and your partner to get tested for STIs.

  • Q&A Can I Transmit Jock Itch During Sex?

    Jock itch is not normally considered a sexually transmissible infection, or STI. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be transmitted during sex.

  • Q&A: I’m 20 Years Old & Worried I Haven’t Reached Puberty Yet

    It is common for many men to feel like their flaccid penis is quite small and to notice that it only gets larger when they become fully aroused and erect.

  • Q&A: Does It Hurt To Tear Your Hymen?

    Some women find initial penetration to be just somewhat uncomfortable and others find it painful.

  • Q&A: Will Daily Sex Affect My Sperm Count?

    Having sex every day is neither good nor bad.

  • Q&A: How Can I Know If I’m Bisexual?

    Not even all scientists who study sex agree on how to best describe or measure a person’s sexual orientation.

  • Q&A: Is My Lubricant Making My Vagina Dry?

    It’s possible that you’ve irritated your vagina in some way, such as by rushing into sex before you were well lubricated.

  • Q&A: Can I Make My Penis Grow?

    Even surgery is not often recommended, as it carries significant risks, including the risk of developing scar tissue that can affect men’s erections.

  • Q&A: My Boyfriend Has A Foot Fetish

    Just as sexual behavior is diverse, foot fetishes themselves can be as diverse and interesting as the people who have them.

  • Q&A: My Penis Is Small—Can I Still Satisfy Women?

    Research shows that penis size doesn't matter nearly as much as people think it does when it comes to pleasurable, satisfying sex.

  • Q&A: My Boyfriend Masturbates In His Sleep

    Some people appear to be awake, but they are asleep and they may try to have sex with their partner, or even actually have sex with their partner.

  • Q&A: I Cut My Vagina While Masturbating With A Lint Roller

    Using a lint roller handle to masturbate may have irritated the fairly-sensitive vagina.

  • Q&A: My Husband Has Gonorrhea—Did He Cheat?

    A wife wonders if a gonorrhea diagnosis means her husband cheated, and another listener wonders if lambskin condoms are worth trying.

  • Q&A: Vaginal Lubrication & Penis Girth

    Many women find they can enhance their ability to become “wet” by spending more time doing the kinds of things that they find sexually arousing.

  • Q&A: I Have A Slightly Enlarged Labia Minora

    Labia minora – also called inner vaginal lips – come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • Q&A: Did I Aggrevate My Infection?

    Though there is nothing particularly dirty or dangerous about vaginas, it sounds like you already had an infected finger.