Amy Harris

Amy Harris

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    Research seeks to understand why some women have negative experiences with oral contraceptives, but others do not.

  • Menstrual (Dys)Synchrony: A cycling sisterhood?

    The idea that women menstruate together has a romantic ring to it, but is it true?

  • PMS: It’s All About The Hormones, Right?

    PMS--it's an inevitable part of being an adult woman, right? Or is it? Wait, WHAT is it, exactly?

  • “Normal” Women’s Reproductive Functioning: Myth Vs. Reality

    Guest blogger Amy Harris presents the first in a series on what we know, and a few surprises about our assumptions, about the female body

  • Menstrual “cycling”: what’s so “regular” about it?

    What's a "normal" menstrual cycle? Does every woman ovulate every cycle? Why would the timing of menstrual cycle events vary?