Adam Fisher, Ph.D.

Adam Fisher, Ph.D.

is a postdoctoral fellow at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. He has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from IU. Adam's professional interests include couple and sex therapy, religion, and gender.

Recent Posts by Adam:

  • Sex & Religion: Research On Muslim Gay Men

    “Given that Islam constitutes... a ‘core’ identity for many Muslims, there is often a desire for continued identification with the religious in-group.”

  • Frequent Porn Use: “Addiction” Label Inaccurate

    Frequent use of visual sexual stimuli (or "porn") may be problematic, and lead people to seek treatment. Yet, research does not support the "addiction" model.

  • Relationships & Sex on Screen: “Don Jon” (2013)

    Don Jon is a film that explores how everything from Internet porn to religious ritual can keep us unwittingly disconnected from genuine relationships.

  • Sex & Religion: Five Traditions on Masturbation

    The first of a new series on sex and religion discusses views on masturbation from the perspectives of Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

  • Relationships & Sex on Screen: “The Sessions” (2012)

    The second installment of Relationships & Sex on Screen: Love, connection, and sexual surrogacy work in the 2012 film, "The Sessions."

  • What Are Sexual Surrogate Partners?

    The terms "sex therapist" and "surrogate partner" have been used interchangeably in the news, despite major differences between the two professions.

  • Relationships & Sex on Screen: “Shame” (2011)

    Relationships & Sex on Screen explores sex and relationships in Hollywood films and on TV. How does "Shame" examine problematic sexual behaviors?

  • Orgasm: 400% More Satisfying With A Partner?

    What happens in your brain after intercourse, and how is it different from solo masturbation?

  • 6 Affairs & What They Have To Do With Your Mother

    Knowing about the six types of affairs, along with our emotional needs, may help us better understand infidelity in romantic relationships.

  • Why Don’t We Talk To Our Parents About Sex?

    Part 2 of the interview with Cory Silverberg, sex educator, writer, and consultant.

  • College Life & “What Makes A Baby?”

    In part 1 of an interview, sexuality educator Cory Silverberg discusses his Children's book project, "What Makes a Baby?" as well as sex education in college.

  • How I Became A… Couple & Sex Therapist

    Do you have an academic interest in sex and sexual difficulties, and enjoy working with people? Couple and sex therapy may be an intriguing career option...

  • Sex Ed: Teaching Abstinence Is Not The Problem. “Only” Is.

    A new study suggests that the more abstinence-only sex ed is emphasized, the more likely the average 15-19 year-old girl will become pregnant.

  • Where Should You Go To Improve Your Sex Life?

    While the self-help industry sells millions of books, most of the information out there may do more harm than good for your relationship and your sex life.