Adriane Jefferson

Adriane Jefferson

is a senior at Indiana University, majoring in Journalism. Her interest is in discussing sex and relationships; focusing on every-day conversations, experiences, and encounters.

Recent Posts by Adriane:

  • Life After Herpes: “Herpes Is Not the End of Life”

    Grab your attention? The post isn't an attempt to trivialize the STD instead it is an attempt to minimize judgement.

  • Never Too Old To Play With Toys: Adult Toys

    Life without toys is a bore but sex without toys is even more of a drab; a post about adding excitement.

  • Translation: An Encounter With Gender Identity

    What is said casually may not be casually received; my encounter with the complex world of pronouns.

  • Nymph, Nympho, & Ho: The Fear of Women’s Sexuality

    From fairytales to reality, the idea of women with strong sexual appetites has been equated with dysfunction.

  • All About Gaydar: Is There A Such Thing As Gay Style?

    Clothing has often been used to indicate the qualities of a person, but can it imply sexuality?