Samantha Seeger

Samantha Seeger

is a recent graduate of Indiana University with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies and a double minor in Psychology and Human Sexuality.

Recent Posts by Samantha:

  • What Will They Think Of Next? New Birth Control For Men.

    A new study might provide effective and easily reversible birth control for men. It's hard to imagine, but it's looking like that may be a possibility...

  • The BBC On How To Better Enjoy Oral Sex

    An article from the BBC addresses issues around oral sex and gives advice on how to better enjoy oral sex.

  • How STD-Savvy Are You?

    The MayoClinic has a fun little quiz all about STDs so you can find out how much you really know!

  • Erection Loss and Reluctance To Use Condoms

    A study conducted at The Kinsey Institute reveals that men are less likely to use condoms when they report an erection loss while using the condoms.

  • Men May Actually Be Complicated? Who Knew!

    Researchers here at our very own Kinsey Institute have conducted a study concerning men's sexual desire and arousal.

  • When It Comes To Sex, Many Of Us Are Clueless…

    A new study out of IU suggests that "college-age men confuse friendly non-verbal cues with cues for sexual interest" - read more about the study here.

  • The Gray Areas Of Sexuality

    Edge, an outlet of information regarding GLBT issues, has an article about bisexuality that's pretty interesting and feature's Kinsey's scale on sexuality.

  • Worth Checking Out If You’re Near Chicago

    If you're in the Chicago area on April 11th, check out "Race, Sex, Power: New Movements in Black and Latina/o Sexualities," a conference at the U of I, Chicago.

  • Ooh Girl! New R&B Video Shows What Really Goes On In The Bedroom

    Thoughts on a new R&B video that shows what might really happen in the bedroom...

  • 1 in 4! STI Rates Highlight Importance Of (Actual) Sex Education

    If there was any time to pay attention to the importance of sex ed, the time is now. A new study found that 25% of teenage girls have had a STI.

  • Spring Break Is Upon Us!

    As Spring Break approaches, we'd like to take a little bit of time to send out some friendly reminders to our readers about safety (sexual and otherwise)

  • Much Needed: The New View Campaign

    Sexual problems are very complex & can't magically disappear with a pill. The New View Campaign wants consumers to be aware of less than honest quick fixes.

  • Maybe This Is Why Our Boyfriends Never Call!

    A recent study found that men who heavily used their cell phones had less sperm and more abnormal sperm than men who did not use their phones as frequently.

  • Sex Toys May Be Harder To Obtain In Indiana…

    A new Indiana house bill would require that anyone "selling sexually explicit materials, products, or services" to register. What does this mean for sex in IN?

  • Prostitution Is Legal…If You’re A Monkey

    A new article claims that male macaque monkey in Indonesia seemingly "trading" various services (such as grooming, food, & infant care) for sex with females.

  • Asexuality Is Possibly Another Sexual Orientation?

    Is asexuality another sexual orientation? Researchers from the Kinsey Institute explore asexuality in a new article published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.