Natalie Ingraham (M.P.H.)

Natalie Ingraham (M.P.H.)

is a recent graduate of Indiana University and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology at University of California San Francisco.

Recent Posts by Natalie:

  • Jessica Valenti Of At Indiana University's Jessica Valenti recently spoke about female sexuality, purity and feminism as part of a Women's History Month event at Indiana University

  • Playing Catch-Up On Sexuality News

    Playing catch up on sexuality news from the past week including a New York Times feature on George Platt Lynes and interviews by blogger Dr. Petra Boynton

  • Does Peer-Led Sex Education Work?

    A new study asserts that peer-led sex education isn't any more effective than other types of sex education programming. Natalie begs to differ.

  • Celebrating 15 Years Of Rural HIV/STD Prevention At Indiana University

    Kinsey Confidential congratulates the Rural Center for HIV/STD Prevention on 15 years of outstanding work on addressing rural sexual health needs.

  • Kinsey Institute In The News This Week

    Natalie sums up the past week of news featuring the Kinsey Institute's staff including Dr. Stephanie Sanders in a Fox article and Jenny Bass on

  • Hello From Mardi Gras In New Orleans!

    Natalie blogs direct from New Orleans about Mardi Gras celebrations and the wide variety of ways the city celebrates this traditional festival and feast.

  • NSRC Sexuality Studies Petition

    More information and a NSRC petition about the recent attacks on sexuality studies at two universities in Florida and Georgia.

  • Do Certain Foods Affect The Taste Of Semen Or Other Bodily Fluids?

    Blogger Natalie Ingraham addresses another common rumor around sexuality - does food or other substances impact the taste of bodily fluids like semen?

  • Our Brush With Kinsey (Sicks) Stardom This Weekend At MBLGTACC

    Natalie highlights one of her favorite parts of the MBLGTACC conference - the Kinsey Sicks performance and their tour of their namesake - the Kinsey Institute.

  • Valentine’s Week Wrap-Up Blog Post

    A short update about sexual health in the news this week (of Valentine's Day) and upcoming blogs for next week.

  • Celebrating The Kiss: Leonore Tiefer

    For an interesting twist on the usual Valentine's Day blog fare, check out a presentation at the Kinsey Institute called "Ode to the Kiss."

  • Penis Pumps – Effective? Safe? Scary?

    Another blog inspired by sexual health outreach presentations - this time it's all about penis pumps. Do they work? Are they safe? Your questions answered.

  • Debriefing Post-Presentation And A Bonus Sex Map

    Natalie debriefs about her sexual health outreach presentations from the last few weeks and ends the post with a fun, interactive sex map.

  • Thinking Aloud About Sex & Relationships

    Natalie ponders an upcoming sexual health presentation and how to talk about sex and relationships in a fun, educational way.

  • Follow Up: Sexuality Education At Indiana University

    Natalie follows up on her blog post about higher education and sexuality with information about local Indiana University resources for sexuality research.

  • What Do Women Want? The NY Times Isn’t Sure

    Natalie discusses the NYT latest piece on "What Women Want" and the trouble with trying to make women into one group with homogeneous wants and needs.