Margo Mullinax

Margo Mullinax

works as Project Coordinator at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University while working on a PhD in Health Behavior.

Recent Posts by Margo:

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    Attention is being drawn to women in movies, or rather, the lack thereof. Check out the Bechdel Test and New York Film Academy chart of women in Hollywood.

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    Emergency Contraceptive Pills Might Not Work In Women Who Weigh 165 Pounds Or More

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    More sex but less babies. Do you plan to have children? When? What does increased maternal and paternal age mean for the health of babies?

  • Straight But Not Narrow: How To Be An Active Ally

    How can you be straight and support the LGBT community? What does it really mean to be an LGBT ally? What can we do politically to advocate for LGBT rights?

  • Waiting To Tie The Knot: Trends In Delaying Marriage

    People are waiting longer before getting married and choosing to live together without walking down the aisle.