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The Kinsey Institute is primarily a research institution, but why is research important and what Kinsey research can you participate in right now?

goodrich lab160 …For The Sake Of Science…The Kinsey Institute was founded as a research institution, and continues to be one of the country’s leading authorities in sex research. On the Institute’s website you can read up on all of the current and upcoming research, and even participate in a set of surveys.

Always one to lend a helping hand, I decided to dedicate my time (which ended up being five minutes…) to science and take a survey – the “Had Sex” survey for both men and women. It asked a series of “If you (insert sexual activity here), would you consider it ‘having sex’?,” questions to which I really had to stop and think about. I would like to think that I’m familiar with my own sexuality and attitudes, but had never been asked outright about my experience or how I would rationalize it.

So if you have a moment to spare, whether for the sake of science, or if you’d just like some food for thought, take a survey!

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